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Love, Lifting Me Higher

Unconditional love, lifting me higher and higher, is far more spectacular than any ride above the horizon. Be it a hot air balloon or hang glider, life doesn’t get any more exhilarating than loving or being loved.  Flying High, Knowing The Answers to Life’s Big...

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Nothing Shall Be Impossible

Nothing Shall Be Impossible Is A Mind Boggler What incident in your life might cause you to believe that nothing shall be impossible? Are impossibilities a myth? Are they the empty words of a deceiver? A mustard seed is a good reminder that nothing shall be...

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Engage Your Countless Treasures

One Way to Engage Your Countless Treasures is to Discover No Two Are Alike We’ve all seen the phenomenal displays of countless treasures delivered up from the depths of the ocean. They never cease to cover the water’s edge with magnificence. Isn’t it in...

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Connected—How So?

Wonderful Works to Keep Us Connected Isn’t it reassuring that wonderful works are only a cure away?  Polio, measles, and rubella, have all been eliminated in the United States. And smallpox has also been eradicated worldwide. According to Health24, five diseases...

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Characterized—How So?

Characterization is the color of the ribbon that wraps you in the package that’s you. It’s the stripe that defines you. What’s the best characterization of you when uncertainty hovers as the new norm over daily living?  Whether it hovers for a season or...

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Refueled—How So?

Fuel for energy-zapping existence is knowing there’s a source for all you need to carry you through. At the dawning of a new day, strength for the day can confidently be refueled by the idiom “You’re in good hands.”  A Friend to Lend Support If you’ve ever been...

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Replenished — How So?

There’s nothing like a tender nuzzle of assurance when your confidence begs to be replenished. That truth applies to all kinds of creatures—people creatures as well. “O Brother Where Art Thou” had George Clooney in a tight spot more than once. Funny movie! Not so...

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Established—How so?

Established in Self-worth is a Rich Form of Confidence You’ve heard it said: “She’s comfortable in her own skin.” Can we agree that some individuals radiate harmonious evidence that somewhere along the way, they have established confidence? Those personalities exude a...

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