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Engage Your Countless Treasures

One Way to Engage Your Countless Treasures is to Discover No Two Are Alike

We’ve all seen the phenomenal displays of countless treasures delivered up from the depths of the ocean. They never cease to cover the water’s edge with magnificence. Isn’t it in discovering no two are alike that we are given the reason we love to engage them? 

The uncommon thread that weaves itself through God’s offering of a zillion seashells is that they are all unique.

Savoring the Unique

I have loved discovering extraordinary uniqueness in common seashells. It seems to magnify the notion that we as humans are a concoction of countless treasures. Our complexities make us a rare masterpiece.

As an author, it is so fun to create a character. Sometimes a character has a way of creating herself. Gracie Maxwell did that! She’s the woman in Down to the Potter’s House who made me write the countless treasures that comprised her life.

This is a sneak peak at the cover of my latest novel. It is set to publish on November 3 and is the follow up to EASTBOUND FROM FLAGSTAFF. The sagas of both novels with two distinctly different patriarchs push countless treasures to the brink of entanglement.  

DOWN TO THE POTTER’S HOUSE does characterize a wicked stepmother, but the book is in no way a cinderella story!

Remarkable and Majestic 

In a tiny seashell are all the characteristics of an intricate masterpiece. One by one, shells are left on the beach to be discovered.

They have crashed against the ocean floor and washed up on the shore where little feet have walked. 

Remarkable and majestic qualities are part of the collection of countless treasures that rise to the water’s surface and are found embedded along miles of seashores. But, out of all the many others, one is unique. It is the single treasure you have chosen to keep for yourself.

Reach out in this moment for the countless treasures that surround your daily living. 


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