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Your Freedom, Your Honor

Wisdom To Make Good Decisions

In these defining hours during our nation’s turmoil lies a unique context for considering your freedom and mine—your honor and mine. Collectively, we as Americans have soul-searching to do. 

Living in freedom carries its own inherent set of responsibilities. And life lessons are teaching us alternatives for past decisions that could have compromised the freedom of others.  

Wisdom keeps us from repeating mistakes. It counsels us to secure the worth of our fellow man. This happens with your honoring other people—with my honoring other people.

Can we point to your freedom and my freedom as the reason for good decisions instead of cursing the past for bad ones? Can we challenge each other to evaluate what to do to better establish ways of honoring other people? Can we then direct that honor toward our fellow man?

Courage To Unify

Pitting one person against another does not unlock injustice. So then, what’s the point of turmoil if we are forever unchanged by its consequences?

We as individuals comprise a wealth of resources that enable us to realign our destiny. Courage is a step in the right direction.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”  –Winston Churchill

But your most significant ally is your freedom. The choice to move from discord to unity is yours—ours. Can we plan to unify as a good end for turmoil? 

Incentive To Respect

Simply this: What would it take to show how your freedom empowers you to release your honor, your integrity, and your principles so that respect abounds?

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