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Consider the power of words to affect change. Begin by recalling a person who has influenced you by the power of his or her words. Those words may have altered the course of your life.

Encouraging words are a powerful force. Discouraging words are equally powerful.

Words Are a Life-Changing Energy

Words are astonishingly active and charged with energy to help, to humble, to heal, to build up, to tear down. In short, words are capable of infusing positive or negative influence on the lives of others. 

The use of destructive energy through the power of words is a tragedy. I can think of at least one example of a man whose life was negatively impacted by someone’s disparaging words. Although the words were a lie, he was labeled by nothingness, never able to recover from the power they wielded. 

Words pack a sturdy punch. Becoming a positive influence through the power of words requires a high level of intentionality. Purpose to speak in a way that conveys respect, gentleness, and humility.

Choose words that will help everyone be and do better because of them. Consider the results and the power of words on those to whom you speak. You are an influencer, whether positive or negative. 

Recognize that worthless words consume irreplaceable time. Better spent, they could be used in a powerful way to influence the life of another person. Inert words lack the power to offer anything of value. They’re like chewing gum for a hungry heart.

Proverbs 18:4 “A person’s words can be life-giving water; words of true wisdom are as refreshing as a bubbling brook.”

Words Are a Powerful Force 

We can actively serve others by building relationships through the power of constructive words. As a positive influence, we serve people by adding value and leaving them better off as a result of our words. 

Impacting another person in such a way that his or her life is permanently changed as a result of something we have said is a worthy goal.

“I don’t know what your destiny will be, but one thing I know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve.”

-Albert Schweitzer

If words have the power to set us free, then the opposite is true. Words can also have the power to imprison us. 

Lies have the power over our potential to be all we can be. They keep us from being the person we can be, rendering a false force over our ability to move ahead.

Imprisoning lies are the equivalent of boulders in our paths, but a pivotal point opens up a new direction. Often it comes in the form of encouraging words. 

The power of words to uncover a path around the boulder is a constructive use of a powerful force. People influencers use the power of words to affect change.

Words Are an Encouraging Voice

Many of us are compelled to give voice to any passing feeling, thought, or impression we may have. We randomly dump the contents of our mind without regard to the value or significance of what we are saying.

One of the clearest signs of a caring person is encouraging speech—edifying words. Perfecting our speech is one of the keystones of a mature individual. Set it as a goal to speak words that are beacons of inspiration, enthusiasm, and encouragement. Kind words are always music to the ears of our listeners.

If one sentence could heal a tremendous emotional wound, would you offer it to a friend or family member? What if words could remove a heavy burden weighing someone down, would you say them?

Remember: it is difficult to mend the lost opportunity to be a positive voice through the power of words.


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