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Engage Your Countless Treasures

One Way to Engage Your Countless Treasures is to Discover No Two Are Alike We’ve all seen the phenomenal displays of countless treasures delivered up from the depths of the ocean. They never cease to cover the water’s edge with magnificence. Isn’t it in...

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How to Tell if Your Influence Matters

As kids, my brothers, my cousins, and I received the gift of a silver dollar every Christmas from our grandfather. The lineup of youngsters to get a silver dollar was a long one.  I remember standing expectantly, respectfully waiting for him to place the coin in...

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After All Those Years

A Red Barn Story In the era when my grandfather owned an eighteen hundred-acre farm in rural Kentucky, barns were red. Many of those colorful frame buildings still dot the landscape along country roads today. None so nostalgic as the ones from my childhood. I was an...

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All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Good Advice Have you ever been tricked - just plain and simple - tricked? A violation of trust is ugly in any form. Look at these words: scam, bogus, fraud, swindle, phishing, fraudulent, con, hustle. Not a single one of those reminders of trickery is pretty.  I...

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Emotion Control

Emotion Control Is A Contender For Joy Tell me what you think. Is this the coolest cover,  depicting the man Simon Hagan—the main character in my debut novel, Eastbound From Flagstaff? How about another opinion? How I do I control emotion associated with...

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Styling In The Twenties

The novel that I’ve written is a love story based on my father and takes place in the 1920s. What a fascinating time period! My Father and a Model T Sometimes my research tried to overtake my ability to stick with writing the book. In particular, the 1920s Model...

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