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How To Tell If You’re Connected To A Power Source

You May Not Be Connected To A Power Source

Computers talk to us. They let us know when to perform certain functions. For instance, several years ago my Mac gave me this bold notice at the start of a software update: You are not connected to a power source. 

The notice felt weird. At that time, I was learning how to operate a computer and for a moment, seeing the printed proclamation on the screen, I felt I’d been personally evaluated! As ridiculous as it might seem, I was startled. Then I was amused. 

The observation was one of those oddball what-ifs—akin to Dorothy’s reaction to the formidable character in the Wizard of Oz. Someone behind the computer screen had spoken and there it was: sage wisdom.

I later reflected on the computer’s comment from a different perspective, asking: If we as humans have an available power source, do we recognize when we are experiencing a disconnect?

Being Connected To A Sufficient Source Of Strength

Parents can be a power source. Grandparents too. Hopefully, you’ve been nurtured by various people who have helped supply you with strength for living. Perhaps you have gone to them for guidance, comfort, protection, and many other outlets through which you needed empowerment. They provided a necessary power source to plug into.

My father (pictured with my infant daughter) held a baby, knowing the strength she would need for living. He was looking at her, envisioning for her a future that would connect her to an unfailing power source. 

I know for a fact that my father envisioned being a power source for me. Through his love and wisdom, in part, I was directed to the ultimate source of power—the Creator who alone holds the future. And who, going forward, doesn’t need a power source? 

Being Connected To A Power Source Can Be Shocking

The catalyst for my debut novel EASTBOUND FROM FLAGSTAFF, based on my father, resulted from a single comment from an editor. I thought I knew my father, but when an editor referred him as a “jerk” the disrespectfulness of that comment started the sparks a’fly’n. 

Those sparks resulted in my own search to find the man who deserved my honor. Given the motivation to honor and defend, I discovered that my writing process was most productive once I experienced a two-part passion-driven catalyst.

  1. Find a reason 
  2. Establish a vision

Looking back, it was not as easy as one, two. But literally and figuratively speaking, my father was a huge power source. His early years—as depicted in my novel EASTBOUND FROM FLAGSTAFF—show why.

My father’s legacy taught me to draw strength from God. Not that I always had a perfect relationship with my father. Not that I was not always the perfect daughter, either. We are not perfect people, are we? But my honor was, and is, due him

Being Connected To A Power Source Boosts Your Strength

It had not occurred to me that I needed to boost my computer’s strength until I was notified by the printed words on the screen. From all appearances, my computer was working just fine but, for the enhanced function, it needed more strength.

We’re a little like that. We can idle on stored strength, draining power at an ordinary operating level. But maximum strength requires a limitless power source. 

The first time I saw it in writing I did a double-take. Had someone pulled the plug on me? No, I just had not bothered to plug it in. Given the heads up, I did the obvious. A computer’s lack of power is an easy fix. Plug the cord into a duplex outlet and PRESTO, it has all the necessary power to perform.

Have you found yourself in a situation where you’ve been short-circuited with no strength for living?

Has someone pulled the cord on your power source? Could you have pulled it–intentionally or unintentionally?

Turn, look to the source of limitless power, to the Creator who holds the future, and connect.

Plug into two great power sources: Prayer. The Bible.

Learn more about my debut novel, EASTBOUND FROM FLAGSTAFF, launching September 17.


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