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Keep America Beautiful

Scotland — Right Here In America I doubt if I’ll ever see anything more beautiful than the three-hour drive in springtime, going north from Lexington, Virginia toward Washington, D.C. Highway 81 winds through the Shenandoah Valley, and on a sunny May morning the...

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Birds, Bobbles, Bangles

Welcome to my world of Christmas decorating! Typically, there will be a few birds showing up in the midst of bobbles and bangles whenever my opinion counts. Birds are one of my favorite decorating elements. That fact is most obvious at Christmastime. Whether a pair of...

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Leafy Inspiration

The Color Won’t Last Nine-year-olds have a limited knowledge of the life of leaves after they’ve fallen from the tree. At least I did! Obvious to me, though, was my need to share their delicate beauty with a friend whose yard was treeless. Perhaps you can...

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Signs of the Seasons

Your Creativity Is Waiting... ...and creativity is as close as nature and a most glorious occurrence in nature is just around the corner! Soon we’ll be seeing the magnificent backdrop of trees ablaze with brilliant yellows, reds and burnt orange—those luscious colors...

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