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The Master’s Hand Is Unmistakable When We Open Our Eyes


A Child’s Point Of View

I can remember as a little girl, squatting to adore a clump of tiny white flowers. At the time I didn’t know they were the work of the Master’s hand. All I knew was that I liked them. My mother told me they were lily-of-the-valley. Even the name delighted me.

Adoration for God’s beauty in creation happened for me at very young age, and my appreciation has magnified through the years. I can’t recall a time when I didn’t find strength for living through admiring the awesome work of the Master’s hand in  creation.

The Master’s Handiwork

Every season seems to have its own unique way of replenishing beauty. I love springtime the most, when those monotone grays of winter yield to fresh mossy greens and redbud’s pink blossoms. The wonder of nature makes me rejoice in knowing that I, too, am a prized part of his handiwork.

“I praise you (Lord) because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”  Psalm 139:14

Which one of us has not marveled at a breath-taking sunset or the miracle of a robin’s eggs in her nest? Personally, I’m captivated by beauty and enriched by it. I feel God’s presence in beauty. His glory is reflected in it.

Let the heavens rejoice, let the earth be glad; let the sea resound, and all that is in it. Let the fields be jubilant, and everything in them; let all the trees of the forest sing for joy.” Psalm 96:11-12


Perhaps it should be no surprise that the Duchess of Cambridge featured lily-of-the-valley in her bridal bouquet, making it a simple cluster of leafy shoots and flowering stems in an understated expression of royalty.

Princess Grace of Monaco, years prior, had made the same selection for her bridal bouquet.

Lily-of-the-valley were sufficient to express what at least two royal brides chose to carry as each one walked down the aisle on her wedding day.  

The Beauty Of Creation

Flowering in humble magnificence—quietly resplendent, sweetly scented—lily-of-the-valley are always bowing their heads in a reverent posture. It just seems to enhance their beauty.

Philippians 2:10 – “That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of [things] in heaven, and [things] in earth, and [things] under the earth.”


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