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If God Had Been There He Would Have Never Let This Happen


Something Beautiful

Springtime is quite simply miraculous! The fact that it’s filled with wonderful surprises gives hope for the future. Springtime shows us new beginnings and new life.

There is a song sung by the Gaithers with the lyrics by Bill Gaither. It’s words include: “Something beautiful, something good. All my confusion He understood.
All I had to offer Him was brokenness and strife, but he made something beautiful of my life.”

God did let life happen. He was there. From the beginning.

Winter Passing

Bill Gaither’s words continue: “If there ever were dreams that were lofty and noble, they were my dreams at the start.”

There is overwhelming beauty in the promise of new life when winter is passing. Tender, delicate green leaves emerge on barren-looking trees, and it’s hard not to marvel at God’s creation.

“And hope for life’s best were the hopes that I harbor down deep in my heart.”

God Was There

We tend to like the unexpected — but only if it’s pleasant. When we can’t see below the surface of what appears to be unpleasant, then what? We rant: “If God was really God, he would never have let this happen.”

“But my dreams turned to ashes, and my castles all crumbled,” sings Bill Gaither. “My fortune turned to loss.”

Uh-oh. We don’t like loss. Maybe we don’t like the Master’s hand, because we prefer to be in control. Maybe God is positioning us for something beautiful.

God was there. From the beginning.

At The Cross

We prefer pretty colored eggs. And sometimes we prefer them over the knowledge of the source of life. Jesus Christ was the sacrifice that God required to give us new life. He died on the cross for you and me. That’s Easter’s promise: a new beginning for you and me.

“So I wrapped it all in the rags of life. And laid it at the cross.” Bill Gaither’s words are ones of relinquishing brokenness and pain.

Is God’s calling you this Easter to lay your brokenness at the cross?


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