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Birds, Bobbles, Bangles


Welcome to my world of Christmas decorating! Typically, there will be a few birds showing up in the midst of bobbles and bangles whenever my opinion counts. Birds are one of my favorite decorating elements. That fact is most obvious at Christmastime. Whether a pair of silver-plated quail or fabricated downy white doves—birds in holiday decorating offer a beautiful presence.

Elegant birds very often take their place as centerpiece attractions—or possibly perched on a sconce. Placed with greenery, they’re natural-looking and quite at home. Even if it’s on a minor decoration, a bird brings great color and texture to the completed assemblage.

Candles, strings of lights, ribbon, and deer. Of course! All are wonderful choices and they’re some of my favorites for holiday decorating. Add to those, bells, crystal, angels, and almost anything that sparkles.

And speaking of favorites: a survey found that 42 percent of males and 30 percent of females have the same favorite color: blue. For this mantle decoration, it’s a good thing blue can be incorporated with silvery glass balls—bobbles and bangles.
And what about those birds?

Natural elements—pods, graceful pheasant feathers, magnolia leaves, pine cones, berries, and fruit just about total my list of favorites. Tie a sleek ribbon into a soft bow on chair backs and dangle a bell or a ball. Then gather your family around, seat yourselves at a lovingly prepared holiday meal, and give thanks for the many blessings enjoyed.


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