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Ribbons, A Bow, and Some Packaging


First, I Want Your Honest Opinion.
Does this bow make me look fat? Because if it does then my mom is in real trouble.

She and I have gone ’round and ’round about how to make the season really special this year. I just don’t want to steal the show by looking too center-stage—or, well, too fat. You can weigh in with your opinion. Just click hereand let me know.

Meanwhile, take a look at the attractive examples below using ribbons and some packaging ideas. You may want to use them on the gifts that you’ll be giving this year. Glossy white paper is the perfect starter in my packaging. It allows me to do such a variety of decorations. This one has Christmas wishes written in gold. The flat ribbons are a great choice for a gift that has to be mailed.

Often just the “scraps” from ribbons or other decoration are useful for some packaging. For instance, the gold leaves above and the tree berries below were leftover from a table decoration.

No Need for a Gift Tag 

I wrote the recipient’s name right on the side. And the Spanish moss? You guessed it—left over. The ribbons were too.
The gift with a deer (a tree ornament), pinecones and feathers made a nice masculine presentation. Spray adhesive is very handy. I glued a baby pinecone and pieces from another for an added touch.

You must love glass bobbles, gold cord, and white organdy ribbons or I simply cannot be your friend! I hope you can see why.

The ribbons on some packaging can wrap around the thickness of the box itself. A little bit different. The grand finale can then perch on top. I love adding in small magnolia leaves or sprigs of holly or other greenery. And there they are again—those baby pinecones are glued to the bottom.

Berries, bells, embellished white ribbons with beading, a dash of silvery glitz and you have some packaging that no one wants to open. But after savoring the beauty of the presentation, they will. And they will have felt the love because you took the time to wrap their gift in an oh-so-special way.

It makes the effort very worthwhile! Happy wrapping!


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