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Keep America Beautiful

Scotland — Right Here In America I doubt if I’ll ever see anything more beautiful than the three-hour drive in springtime, going north from Lexington, Virginia toward Washington, D.C. Highway 81 winds through the Shenandoah Valley, and on a sunny May morning the...

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What No One Tells You About The Future

Times When You Sit And Wonder  You will question relationships. I felt compelled to answer a thoughtful question on Twitter recently. “Ladies: what gentle advice can you tell a single guy about relationships?” I have been married a long time to the one person I...

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Brokenness Comes in Many Forms

A Child Sees Brokenness I clearly remember as a child, going into a neighbor’s attic while my mother and a neighbor talked in the living room of the neighbor’s home. I had permission to climb the stairs and entertain myself by poking around up there. The place offered...

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