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After All Those Years

A Red Barn Story In the era when my grandfather owned an eighteen hundred-acre farm in rural Kentucky, barns were red. Many of those colorful frame buildings still dot the landscape along country roads today. None so nostalgic as the ones from my childhood. I was an...

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Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Courage of Your Convictions Do you have the confidence to act in accordance with your beliefs or ideologies, especially in the face of resistance, criticism, or persecution? That’s courage—the courage of your convictions. It’s the power to choose, and the knowledge to...

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Keep America Beautiful

Scotland — Right Here In America I doubt if I’ll ever see anything more beautiful than the three-hour drive in springtime, going north from Lexington, Virginia toward Washington, D.C. Highway 81 winds through the Shenandoah Valley, and on a sunny May morning the...

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Countless Ways To Embrace A Fortune

A Treasure Passed Down If you are the anonymous South Carolinian who recently won the largest jackpot in United States history, congratulations! $878 million is a lot of buckage. How does one begin to embrace a fortune so immense? Personally, I received a dollar every...

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Is There A Predator Living Next Door?

What's Happening In Your Neighborhood? Child sexual abuse is most likely happening in the city you live in. It might even be happening to someone you know. It may be happening in your neighborhood, and possibly the person who pulls into the garage within eyesight is...

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Human Trafficking and Bondage Awareness

Be Aware of Human Trafficking She did not see any of it coming—not the deep darkness and not the shame that goes with it. “She” can be anyone. Unsuspecting individuals become victims of sex trafficking and find themselves caught in bondage. Did you know that...

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