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Little Girls


I have the neatest blessing on Sunday mornings. It involves a little girl who, without fail, runs up to me after church to give me a big, big hug. Maybe more accurately described, her embrace would be a tackle if it were not for my sturdy legs. And I’d be on the floor in a most unflattering horizontal heap. So far, I’ve managed to remain vertical for the entire series of long-lasting, full-body hugs. Little girls put their entire energy into their hugs. I like that about them. They love to love. That’s what’s so loathsome that someone, anyone, would take advantage of the innocence of little girls. I’m beyond mad at the ugliness of child abuse, sexual abuse, and human trafficking. It happens, it’s rampant, and it’s closer to home than we want to think. Consider joining with me in the effort to heighten awareness of ways we as mothers, fathers, and grandparents can stop this depravity.


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