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A friend recently asked me if I was a “mommy’s girl” or a “daddy’s girl.” For whatever reason I felt embarrassed to tell her I was neither. “But,” I wanted to say, “I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night.” It is, however, no joke that as a young person I sincerely wanted to be “God’s girl.” I prayed most every night, asking God to help me be a fine Christian girl. Without a great understanding of what it would look like, that’s whose girl I wanted to be.”

It seems to me that most of us want to belong to someone or something, looking for wholeness, being complete, being connected. There are lots of traps out there, ready to ensnare our vulnerabilities when we least expect it.

I’m involved in targeting bondage issues, ferreting out the traps that clamp down around our freedom to enjoy a life worth living. I’m reaching out to others like me who, because of blindness failed to see our father’s love. I’m not referring to eyesight, rather heart-sight. Lies, real or imagined, kept me from being able to embrace the love that he was desperately trying to show me. Much like the Heavenly Father’s love, I simply didn’t recognize it. Consequently, I missed out on it in my growing up years. But I can never remember a time when I didn’t want to experience God’s love, and be “his girl.” Oddly enough, my earthly father and my Heavenly Father, from my perspective, merged as one. Because of my skewed vision, I had a misunderstanding about both of them.

When I had a clear view of who my Heavenly Father is, I saw my own father through different eyes, and my life changed.

There are 45 million slaves across this world—mostly women and children—lured into bondage. That’s unimaginable, but when it comes right down to the truth, often right here close beside me is a human being who’s been duped by a lie, or a series of them. A life is taken off course, and too often left to wither.

There’s hope in taking a new direction, and I’m committed to being a voice in that wilderness of lost hope.


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