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Awestruck Is The Place to be This Christmas

Leave it to a Child

Have you given much thought to what has the power to make your mouth drop open in inexplicable wonder? It takes something special like a shooting star or ocean waves in a storm, maybe a Thoroughbred crossing the finish line to evoke amazement in adults. But leave it to a child to express his wonder through unbridled, pure spontaneity.

Too awestruck to speak is a pretty good measuring stick for authentic wonder, and a child’s mouth dropped open says it all, doesn’t it? Wonderful has wonder embedded. 

I’ve been at a lost for words witnessing the quiet delivery of a meal to the homeless or the visit to a shut-in, undeserved forgiveness or support for a project. Kindness has the power to render you awestruck.  

Leave it to a child to show us what wonderful is all about. Mouth-dropping awestruck kindness might be a good goal to shoot for this Christmas.

Awestruck by Traditions in Christmas Past 

Charles Dickens in his Christmas Carol beckons us to reflect on what goodness means when things are done right. My mother was happiest when things were done right. For her that included a multitude of traditions, beginning with serving others. 

I continue to be awestruck by the example my mother set for traditions in Christmases past. I can easily recall her ways of making everyone feel special  and considered it a privilege to include and fuss over everyone

She created a warm sense of belonging from the moment visitors and strangers, neighbors and family arrived. For those without family nearby she had out the welcome mat. 

It was her tradition to point to the significance of Christ’s birth by reading to us the Christmas story from the Bible. If you haven’t been awestruck by the meaning of Christmas, it might be a good story to read. See Luke 2 in the New Testament.

Awestruck in Light of Christmas Present

We as a universe are surrounded by technological advancements, global atrocities, medical mysteries, ideological idiocies, political phenomenon, and climate change. Do they cause you to wonder? Or are you awed instead by a magnificent sunset, the miracle of a newborn—may be the outpouring of goodwill during the holiday season? 

There is a distinct alteration in attitudes in our co-workers, our family, and our friends round about this time of year. Spirits are lighter, smiles are brighter, and laughter is livelier. Does that cause you to wonder if pleasantries center on gift-giving or gift-getting?

It might be a rewarding place to be during this present Christmas: shining a light on opportunities to do things we might not otherwise do: 

We only past this way only once. One life to live.

The Bible says in Luke 2:15 that the shepherds made known the birth of Jesus Christ and all who heard were awestruck.

Kindle a spirit that puts you in a position to be awestruck this Christmas. You might find it is a very good place to be.


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