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4 Things You Should Know About Hospitality

Hospitality Nurtures Relationships

Have you ever departed a gathering after being in someone’s home and felt you had made a new friend or deepened an existing friendship? Someone or several someones provided the environment to nurture relationships that engendered kindred spirits. Because of someone’s hospitality, you went on your way a better person for having been present in their home.

A standard of excellence for nurturing relationships in your home is simply to host with joy. Finding ways to entertain people so that you are relaxed makes it possible for your guests to feel comfortable and welcome as well.

Be reminded that you are bringing people together in unique moments. Those moments with those friends in that exact setting will not ever be duplicated. The opportunity to nurture that combination of individuals will quickly pass. Knowing those moments present a unique dynamic can give you a tremendous incentive to host with joy.

Make the most of that little window of time to nurture relationships. Fill the environment with your joy. Let your guests feel your pleasure. 

Hospitality Triggers Healthy Emotions 

A friendly and generous reception for your guests is a gift from you to them. Be aware that emotions are triggered when they experience a welcoming feeling in your home.:

  • A warm sense of belonging
  • Contentment in connecting with others
  • Encouragement for what might be going on in someone else’s life
  • Gratitude — a feeling of thankfulness
  • Happiness and exhilaration — a sense of elation that comes from laughing

In providing an environment that exudes friendliness, kindness, and acceptance you are giving your guest a gift. You have invited them in to a community for a segment of time to surround them with honor and well-being. In having guests into your home, your hospitality helps trigger healthy emotions.

If not all your guests know each other, helping them find a common bond is a wonderful gift to furnish them. Ensure congeniality among your guests through introductions that include tidbits of shared interests or things or people.  

It’s been said we should be kind to everyone we meet because everyone is fighting a battle we know nothing about. Hospitality is the heartbeat of kindness.

Hospitality Means Something Good Is Happening

Just because something good is happening in your home doesn’t have to mean you must put everything else on hold. Hospitality is not a performance. It’s not about a perfect home. It’s about generosity that goes over the limit in terms of extravagant reception—wide-open-arm reception, happy reception—that causes them to be glad they came.

Being with people is chief amongst the good that is happening when you extend hospitality. Some of us love to lavish food and beauty in the presentation. It can be misinterpreted as an attempt to impress. That’s a misnomer. 

Loving gestures of hospitality are meant to be gifts to guests. I work behind the scenes to prepare ahead for guests. I do that for two reasons. One is because I’d rather spend time with them than cook when they arrive because I can’t cook and talk (otherwise: upside down-cake).

The other is so that I can spend my time with my guests.  

If a host loves to lavish, accept it as you would a gift. Enjoy it because that’s the host’s goal. 

Hospitality Brings People to Life

In its own way, hospitality brings people to life. Hospitality sets the tone for interaction when something good is about to happen. “Come inside and warm yourselves by the fire.” Now that’s an invitation we like on a cold night! 

Have you ever built a snowman and popped in the shiny black buttons as the finishing touch? He comes to life! He’s almost a real person with characteristics that invite interaction: lively eyes, a smile, a whimsical approach to your afternoon. “Come play with me before I melt away!” 

Cozying up with an inspiring book by a crackling fire can be an excellent pastime that enriches. and brings people to life. This holiday season why not be kind to you? Happiness delivered to your door by you is self-placed hospitality! 

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