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Refueled—How So?

Fuel for energy-zapping existence is knowing there’s a source for all you need to carry you through. At the dawning of a new day, strength for the day can confidently be refueled by the idiom “You’re in good hands.”  A Friend to Lend Support If you’ve ever been...

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Replenished — How So?

There’s nothing like a tender nuzzle of assurance when your confidence begs to be replenished. That truth applies to all kinds of creatures—people creatures as well. “O Brother Where Art Thou” had George Clooney in a tight spot more than once. Funny movie! Not so...

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Keep America Beautiful

Scotland — Right Here In America I doubt if I’ll ever see anything more beautiful than the three-hour drive in springtime, going north from Lexington, Virginia toward Washington, D.C. Highway 81 winds through the Shenandoah Valley, and on a sunny May morning the...

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