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How to Boost Your Engagement

Streams of Brilliance to Boost Your Engagement

Streams of brilliance on a beautiful sunlit day might possibly boost your engagement with something, or someone, beyond yourself.

Even if only a little bit–even if you don’t believe in God as the Creator, it’s difficult not to acknowledge there’s just something about that sight.

To whom do you credit a beautiful sunlit day or the boost that its engagement offers your spirit?

Someone other than God?

Pretty Pictures

I have always liked the song Pretty Pictures that Roy Orbison recorded in 1964. In part, the lyrics include these phrases:

Pretty Pictures. Pretty paper. Pretty ribbons of blue. 

It’s a love song—sung in earnest—with an omniscient observation of one man’s inward longing for his woman:

“Hoping that you won’t pass him by. 

You’re in a hurry . . . my how time does fly . . .

. . . In the midst of the laughter is his cry. 

Pretty Pictures. Pretty paper. Pretty pencils to write I love you.”

Goodness! What wouldn’t that man have given to boost engagement with his woman! Pretty things, including the most beautiful words ‘I love you’ comprise a tender but powerful breakthrough of hope for engagement.

Light Breaking Through The Clouds. Light Pushing Through The Darkness.

Boost your engagement with joyful anticipation. Allow light to break through the clouds and flood you with joy. It will energize your heart’s desire! Refuse to sit in darkness. Make joy your new project. 

Joy in terms of brand awareness means that you could boost your engagement and thereby receive rewarding benefits! 

Boost your engagement with hope. Everyday-barriers that arise out of fear and feelings of inferiority are obstacles to freedom. Resolve to push through those and similar barriers, and make them powerless to trap you in defeat.

Pass Along The Boost

I’ve been involved in efforts to raise awareness of the reality of human trafficking. Consider finding out about the human trafficking issue in your community, across the United States, and around the world. 

Human trafficking is an enormous trap that claims thousands upon thousands of individuals, making them victim to its atrocities.

Boost your engagement with someone who could be waiting to see the light of hope and joy in their lives. Pretty pictures. Pretty papers. Pretty words to say I love you.

Volunteer. Help boost the engagement that brings hope and freedom to human trafficking victims—sex trafficking victims—looking for light to break into their lives. Join the growing effort to push through the darkness of this multimillion-dollar sex obsession.


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