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His Master’s Voice


What if we could hear the voice of God? Not one that sounds like a mad parent, rather one that speaks of his love for us, the mercy he freely gives to us, and his help to live each day.

For a believer in Jesus Christ, the Bible is God’s voice to address every aspect of life. The person, Jesus Christ, brought believers from defeat to victory, so why would he not provide a method of guidance to live that life to the fullest? Actually, he did and does, garbled and mysterious as if through a gramophone to the ear of a non-believer. But to one who is God’s own, the voice is quite distinguishable.

Take a look at John 10:4
When he has brought out all who are his own, he goes on ahead of them, and his sheep follow him because they know his voice.

Suggestion: If today is, let’s say the 10th, open a Bible to its center. That’s probably Psalm—maybe go back to the left a bit. Match the day of the month to the chapter’s number. Ask God to speak as you read. And I pray God’s voice comes through to you in a very meaningful way.


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