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Small But Glistening Details

What’s worthy about a picture of gemstones? The answer depends on how aware you are that—from the pages of a coloring book, and with a few sharply pointed pencils in multiple hues—an awaiting creation has amazing potential.

Is that too philosophical an answer to describe a coloring book’s page? Maybe not. Let me tell you a little story of God’s elegant nudge to share with a friend the idea of an adult coloring book. It may be one you’ll want to use.

The Story

I’ve been fortunate to have a special friendship that started in 1971 . . . 47 years ago! That’s a long-lasting one, wouldn’t you agree? It began when we were the young mothers of rambunctious kids. She and I were also positioned as neighbors, bridge-players, supper club bakers, church-goers, vacation-takers, style-seekers, book readers, and marathon shoppers. 

Our experiences can now be looked upon as if they were facets in a valuable gemstone. 

But in her world, it was obvious in a recent visit that what once was exciting no longer is, and what once entertained no longer does. 

Oh, we could talk about and bring to light each facet of life, savoring the years that had mounted up and moved from one phase to the next, across the ups and downs, past the ins and outs of life’s setbacks and triumphs. We could laugh about driver-ed, prom queens, drama queens, SAT scores, boot camp sores, career changes, and house changes. The gamut. I could remember. I’m not sure she could.

It was the adult coloring book—the one we shared for many hours—that brought her immeasurable joy and the satisfaction of a splendid creation, all her own. 

A Facet Is One Side Of A Many-sided Thing

My friend and I have enjoyed many facets of life. And now I’m reflecting on the friendship as if it were a cut gemstone. That’s what a valuable friendship is: a many-sided gem.


I hope such a beautiful friendship exists in your experience.

This Is A Real Contrast Of Definitions:

Facets are also the individual units that make up the compound eye of an insect or crustacean.

Yuk! I don’t like bugs! But I do like the picture that comes to my mind—the meticulous detail of something as small as the eye of a bug. And that is really small! It’s also a detail that God cared enough about my friend to provide her the simple joy of a spending time coloring the pages of a book.

God attends to details.  Titus 3: 5 . . . (paraphrased) and this is not because of righteous things I have done, but because of God’s mercy. 

You simply can’t concoct the kinds of stories that have all the details perfectly placed—so detailed that they’re almost a miracle. From my point of view, God positioned me at that place, for such a time as this, for that “brilliant gem” of an idea. My friend was introduced to a new hobby, and now she can her express her own magnificent color. 

When you think about it, aren’t we all vivid pictures with explicit detail?


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