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Established in Self-worth is a Rich Form of Confidence

You’ve heard it said: “She’s comfortable in her own skin.” Can we agree that some individuals radiate harmonious evidence that somewhere along the way, they have established confidence? Those personalities exude a sense of security.

As a kid, I knew nothing about confidence or being established or how to view myself as a worthy individual. It never occurred to me that without a clear understating of self-worth, I was vulnerable. I just wanted my dress to sparkle.

Bullying tries any angle until it gets its way with its victim. Being focused on sparkling dresses and performance outcomes has a tendency to leave a lot of leverage for predators to take advantage of unsuspecting young people. 

My generation was in far less danger than individuals are today, making it imperative for the strength of self-worth to be established as a combative force against bullies, predators, and every sort of threat—including human trafficking that is so prevalent in our society.  

Being Established Belongs at the Core of a Bio

A description of what an individual has accomplished is not the same as the description of who he inherently is after the stage lights are out and the curtain goes down.

At the core of a bio is the substance of who a person believes himself to be—not always identical to the person he wants others to believe he is. That’s true for the short bio and the long one!

It’s important to establish who I am, but also who I am not.

Being Established is Bully-proof Armor  

Authenticity cannot be bullied away when it’s inseparable, an integral part of an individual’s core.

Are you established and fortified in bully-proof armor? Are your children fortified in bully-proof armor? Amplify it: be grounded and established in authenticity and self-worth.

I can’t sing but I can make a joyful noise, and since I’m a Valentine at heart (ha!), I want to sing you a love song:

Isaiah 33:6

And the Lord will be the stability of your times — a wealth of salvation, wisdom and knowledge. The fear of the Lord is (our) treasure.

Proverbs 10:25

When the whirlwind passes, the wicked one is no more. But the righteous one has an everlasting foundation.


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