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Why Do We Have Boundaries?

Out of Bounds!  “You’re out of bounds! And you’re not going to score anymore!” That was the yell coming from the boy behind me at last Friday night’s football game. He was not more than five years old, but he was completely determined to exercise his voice...

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Way Out There, and Wide Open

The Beach in January It's the place to be on January 3rd. I am, however, not there and not anywhere near the ocean. Darn! I'm still putting away Christmas decorations and reflecting on 2018.  Realistic Reflection  Out in front of each one of us is a brand...

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Over The Top

Life Changes in Fiction The book Christyset the tone for my life changes. My sister-in-law put a copy of Catherine Marshall's novel  in my hands, otherwise I may never have read it. Her story allowed me to get alone and take myself seriously (or not so...

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A Cut Is A Cut Is A Cut

God Equips Willing Hearts  Sometimes it happens when we least expect it, but God equips willing hearts if we ask. Every five weeks I get my hair trimmed. Richard cuts it, and he does two things to make me glad I’ve come to him and not somebody else. Aside from...

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Brokenness Comes in Many Forms

A Child Sees Brokenness I clearly remember as a child, going into a neighbor’s attic while my mother and a neighbor talked in the living room of the neighbor’s home. I had permission to climb the stairs and entertain myself by poking around up there. The place offered...

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Ideal Friend

A friend recently asked me if I was a “mommy’s girl” or a “daddy’s girl.” For whatever reason I felt embarrassed to tell her I was neither. “But,” I wanted to say, “I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night.” It is, however, no joke that as a young person I...

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A Resolution That Matters

Kicking Back Of course! Christmas was the best ever. With six grandchildren at my house for seven days and seven nights, how could it be anything else? They've returned to their homes, settled in, and have returned to school. With the New Year under way, it’s time to...

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