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Book Recommendations

I Was Anastasia

Russia, July 17, 1918: Under direct orders from Vladimir Lenin, Bolshevik secret police force Anastasia Romanov, along with the entire imperial family, into a damp basement in Siberia where they face a merciless firing squad. None survive. At least that is what the executioners have always claimed.

Germany, February 17, 1920
: A young woman bearing an uncanny resemblance to Anastasia Romanov is pulled shivering and senseless from a canal in Berlin. Refusing to explain her presence in the freezing water, she is taken to the hospital where an examination reveals that her body is riddled with countless, horrific scars. When she finally does speak, this frightened, mysterious woman claims to be the Russian Grand Duchess Anastasia.

Her detractors, convinced that the young woman is only after the immense Romanov fortune, insist on calling her by a different name: Anna Anderson. As rumors begin to circulate through European society that the youngest Romanov daughter has survived the massacre, old enemies and new threats are awakened. With a brilliantly crafted dual narrative structure, Lawhon wades into the most psychologically complex and emotionally compelling territory yet: the nature of identity itself. The question of who Anna Anderson is and what actually happened to Anastasia Romanov creates a saga that spans fifty years and touches three continents. This thrilling story is every bit as moving and momentous as it is harrowing and twisted.

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A Tangled Mercy by Joy Jordan-Lake

A Tangled Mercy is a timely read about love, loss, and forgiveness. After her mother’s death, Kate Drayton suddenly abandons her Harvard lecture and travels to Charleston for answers regarding her parents’ splintered relationship. Uncertain as to why her mother was consumed with researching Charleston’s 1822 slave rebellion and why her late father removed himself from the family when Kate was a child, Kate seeks to speak with a handful of Charleston locals who she believes can lead her to the truth. In an alternate perspective from nearly two hundred years earlier, blacksmith Tom Russell is torn between supplying weapons for the secret slave rebellion or eluding probable death and protecting the woman he loves.

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Love Jesus by Dr. Hal Hadden

Jesus came to earth so that we can have a personal relationship with God. Unfortunately, most so-called “Christians” are either bored with their relationship with God or they are going through the motions via hollow religious activity. Many have accepted or even rejected the wrong Jesus. “Love Jesus” lays out how Jesus came to be “with us” and even “in us” in a oneness love-relationship. In that relationship, God truly becomes our Father.

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