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Permission to Climb

Brokenness Comes in Many Forms  I clearly remember as a child, going into a neighbor’s attic while she and my mother talked in the living room at the neighbor’s home. It’s for sure they had given me permission to climb the stairs and entertain myself by poking...

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Creative Discoveries About Laughter

Laughter Bridges A Gap I was 10 years old when my mother returned from a conference where she’d been away for at least a couple of days. and she presented me with a sock monkey as a gift. I’ve had a fascination with monkeys ever since—their habits, the way they fixate...

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Discover Something Significant

The Process Call it a vision. Call it inspiration, but I’ve been gathering memories and the particles of necessities that were the foundation of my creative writing. Whether or not those tidbits and oddities provided a clear vision, even so, I was inspired by those...

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How to Upgrade Your Outlook

Insight intensifies your Outlook Looking out from a vantage point above the English Channel, the Dover Castle provides a scene approaching pastoral quietness. The magnificent view belies what took place on this location in World War ll. It’s amazing to experience the...

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How to Build Your Following

Build your following on a firm foundation A foundation is the lowest load-bearing part of a building, typically below ground level. That definition suggests support is a necessary factor in carrying weight. Establishing criteria to undergird your relationships is...

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How to Tell if Your Influence Matters

As kids, my brothers, my cousins, and I received the gift of a silver dollar every Christmas from our grandfather. The lineup of youngsters to get a silver dollar was a long one.  I remember standing expectantly, respectfully waiting for him to place the coin in...

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