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“I laughingly reveal that I have reached the point at which I’ve written my first novel out of a promise to myself when I was eleven years old. When you’re that young and that determined, something about your life’s direction is coming from within. I’ve simply taken a circuitous route getting here.”

– Annette Valentine

Author. Writer. Advocate.


Long before she began devoting herself to the challenge of writing novels, she owned Valentine Interiors (which she sold in 2016) in Brentwood, Tennessee, claiming the early morning hours of the day, and a few on the weekends, to focus on a different creative pursuit—inspirational/historical storytelling.

Born in Murray, Kentucky, to a personnel director of Tappan Stove Company and a teacher, Annette Valentine was influenced at a very early age by her mother’s keen appreciation for beauty and good design. Creativity instilled in her as a child and during her growing up years, later culminated in the interior design degree that she earned from Purdue University.

In 1984, she started her own business that spanned 34 years in two states. She taught at Purdue University and served on numerous boards as an advocate for family services, the Chamber of Commerce, Rotarian outreach endeavors, prison ministry, and Habitat For Humanity.

Her writing resonates with a mature understanding of the deep, deep love of a father for his children and the all too common circumstances of basic conflicts that impede the most important human relationships.

Currently, she is involved in targeting bondage issues that run the gamut of deception and is actively involved with organizations that rescue, educate and redirect survivors of human trafficking (End Slavery Tennessee and the International Justice Mission initiative), supporting victims of child sexual abuse (Our Kids), advocating, pushing, and aiding resources who identify and expel lies that would destroy hope for a life worth living.

Raising awareness for some of the vulnerabilities that lead to addictions, entrapment, and slavery, she is a spokesperson for those whose voice has been silenced by a sense of worthlessness or captivity of one type or another. There are 20 to 30 million slaves to sexual abuse and bondage across the world, mostly women and children. Annette speaks out on their behalf, not knowing them nor having ever met them, but championing their right to freedom and justice.

When she’s not writing novels based on the Heavenly Father’s powerful love for his children, or being one small voice of objection to the magnitude of lies that abound to obscure it, Annette devotes time to authoring Ideal Friend, a series of books and discussion materials for nurturing personal wholeness.

She is married to Walt, and they are the parents of a son, a daughter, and six grandchildren. Heidi-dog is a bonus.


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